Electric Griddles

There is no kitchen appliance more overlooked than an electric griddle. It’s the perfect convenient cooking tool for almost any type of meal preparation. You can even take a griddle when you go camping or on vacation and have freshly-made food every day.

Modern electric griddles not only have a variety of heating options, but many also come with a small grill or other inserts that makes this already powerful kitchen appliance even more useful. Grill inserts make it easy to cook a perfect sausage, or even grill a steak or hamburger. Plus, there are some great recipes available for meals to prepare on a griddle.

What To Look For In An Electric Griddle

It is made from sturdy and robust material. It is a reason enough to make it one of the best non-Teflon electric griddles. It is safe for your health and well-being. Moreover, this griddle is also eco-friendly. You can enjoy cooking on a non-stick griddle without risking your health.

Grilling With An Electric Griddle

Moreover, the drip out tray makes it one of the best non-Teflon electric griddles. It saves you from the effort of maintaining your griddle. It traps the food debris which falls off. This electric griddle features a built-in warming tray to keep meals warm until the entire family is ready to dig in. Thanks to its durable die-cast pan and handles, it’s built to last for years to come.

Warming trays are optional elements on an electric griddle; therefore they aren’t always present. Such trays keep cooked food warm while the user continues to use the main cooking area to prepare more food. Some electric griddles have dual thermostats for temperature control, so half of the cooking surface can be shut down and used in this capacity.


All in all, these griddles are the best non-Teflon electric griddles. They are all efficient griddles which give you an ultimate cooking experience. Narrowing down, we recommend you to select the one which suits your needs. Before purchasing one for your kitchen, make sure that you decide how often you’ll use the griddle. They are all good enough.

How to Cook Hamburger on an Electric Griddle

Cooking hamburger indoors on a temperature-controlled electric griddle saves the range top for cooking side dishes while it prepares the meat without added fat . Ground beef cooks in patties directly on the griddle without added cleanup.

The non-stick plates of the griddle are free from the Teflon coating. If you count your calories, then this is one of the best non-Teflon electric griddles. Most units do not put harmful chemicals in the air which could affect your health. It is a top-of-the-line nonstick grill and griddle. Furthermore, the plates are reversible and removable.

Be sure to wash your griddle before you use it. Wash the griddle with hot, soapy water after taking it out of the box and let it dry completely. Rinse the griddle to remove all the soap residue and dry the griddle completely with a soft towel. If you’re cleaning an electric griddle, do not submerge it in the water. Use a wash cloth or sponge to clean the griddle.

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