Review Of KitchenAid Stand Up Mixer

One of out top rated mixers is the KitchenAid stand up mixer. We had many reasons to love this appliance and it tested very well in our kitchens.

KitchenAid Stand Up Mixer

The first thing that struck us right away was how sturdy this mixer is. Solidly built, they are no flimsy pieces that would act like break-down magnets. Too often we are finding plastic pieces on stand up mixers that will break off or crack, meaning that either you had to repair the mixer or get a new one. Either way is expensive and inconvenient. KitchenAid is using quality materials to build a durable mixer that should last for many years.


A Powerful Motor Can Mix Almost Anything

The next obvious feature that we fell in love with was the motor. Specifically the motor size. 325 watts of power are produced by this mixer’s motor, meaning that you will never have a struggling mixer. Stiff bread dough, thick batters or any other dense recipe will be no match for this mixer. There are also 10 different settings, allowing you to control the speed of the mixing. The 10 speeds allow you to thoroughly mix, knead and whip ingredients quickly and easily.

Having a powerful motor not only lets you work through any recipe you might have it also helps to keep the mixer quieter. Some mixers that are struggling with a thick dough can become extremely loud in your kitchen. 10 speeds and a large motor help keep the mixer running smoothly and quietly, making your kitchen seem less chaotic.

This Mixer Has A Power Hub For Attachments

Not only is the KitchenAid great for mixing it can also act as an all-purpose kitchen appliance that can perform many tasks. Offering even more versatility, the power hub fits optional attachments from food grinders to pasta makers and more. You can grind meats for sausages, roll and cut pasta, chop fruit and vegetables using the same stand up mixer with some optional attachments. I was pleasantly surprised at how often I used the grinder attachment. This is another example of the powerful motor being a real benefit. All of the optional attachments use power and this motor is able to handle any task you put to it.

KitchenAid Mixer


Large Mixer Bowl

I hate small mixer bowls. I get frustrated when all of a sudden my mixer bowl is too small for the recipe that I am making. Luckily this is not an issue with the KitchenAid. It comes standard with a large 5-Qt. stainless steel bowl with comfortable handle. A bowl of this size offers enough capacity to mix dough for 9 dozen cookies or 4 loaves of bread in a single batch. No more cutting recipes in half just to make the batter fit properly into the bowl.

The other benefit of a bowl this size is that everything mixes well. This items unique mixing action means it has 59 touchpoints per rotation around the bowl, meaning more thorough ingredient mixing. No more pockets at the bottom of unincorporated flour or sugar. Everything mixes well.


This is a simple conclusion to reach. This is an excellent mixer, well built and well priced. You can’t go wrong with the KitchenAid Stand Up Mixer.

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